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MCAAA Ltd is a pioneering manufacturer of stainless steel sheathed, single core mineral insulated power and heating cables, located near Chester UK. These new cables are capable of operating at high voltages and temperatures that have never been achieved before commercially.

The MCAAA high voltage heater system provides a new technology for down-hole application. Electric down-hole heating has been used for many years for flow assurance and is now being adapted for reservoir stimulation, viscosity reduction and ‘in situ’ conversion of heavy oil.

In the past heater voltages have been limited to below 600 volts for mineral insulated cable heaters. Significant material and processing advances have now permitted operation at 4160 volts and higher.

This has a number of operational advantages in providing longer length heater capabilities and less parasitic heating loss to overburden.

MCAAA cable production technology is now available to fabricate MI cable heater that can produce 1600m lengths without external splices.

The thermal heat transfer from the well casing to the reservoir is usually the limiting factor on the amount of energy that can be transferred from the electric heater to the formation. This will control the optimum design wattage which in turn determines the conductor resistance per unit length.

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Our pioneering mineral-insulated heater cables are transforming the way companies produce oil.

We have helped world leading producers raise output by up to 400% and helped put countries with little or no history of fossil fuel production on course to energy self-reliance.

Our highly versatile cable is made with proprietary technology. Its compatibility with existing sites means that water use with conventional SAGD can be reduced by up to 50%. Its viscosity reduction capability has led to astonishing rises in well productivity. Above all, it is revolutionising the SAGD process by eliminating the need for steam altogether. And new uses are being discovered all the time.

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A revolution has started. Join it with MCAAA

Main Features
Cables fully customisable to customer specification
Sizes from 0.8" to 1.2" available (OD)
Conductor sizes from 0.25" to 0.375" available (OD)
Operating voltage of 5000 volts
Operating temperature of 500°C
Single lengths of 1600m
Power transmission and heater cables available, or combinations of both as factory finished cable

Main Uses
Oil & gas industries
Down-hole heating
Heavy oil flow assurance
SAGD pre-heating
In situ steam generation
Offshore heaters
Power cables for hazardous environments

MCAAA cable cross section

News & Links

Presentation at PCIC Europe paper LO80 June 10, 2015
MI Cable deployment in Alberta Canada in long horizontal well for viscosity reduction of heavy oil.

Advances in electrical heating technology for heavy oil production
The objective of this paper is to introduce the capability of a higher voltage Mineral Insulated Heater Cable for downhole applications.


Benefits of heating heavy oil with medium-voltage mineral insulated cables
Article from Feb 2015 edition of ‘Oil & Gas Engineering’.


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